Monday, July 27, 2009

Crab Meat Quiche by Adriane

9inch pie shell~
5 oz of swiss~......2tsps of flour~2tsp of butter
4oz of chedder Jack~.......3 tablespoon of bacon bits~(real)
1 1/4cup of milk
3 eggs.......1/4 cup of bell pepper....2 stalks of green onions.....
1/2lb of crab meat~(real crab meat)5oz of chopped broccoli
1 table spoon of Watkins Omelet & Soufflé Seasoning
1tsp of Watkins~ Minced Green Onion

Saute` Broccoli~bell pepper~ green onion~bacon bits (let cool)
add flour to cheese mix in add eggs to milk (add a salt about 1/2 tsp & 1/2 pepper~ souffle season)
and then add to cheese fold in veggies& crab meat~add to pie shell ~top~with minced green onions
~Bake @350 for 1hour or untill cake tester is clean ~Let cool ~~~can also be put into mini pie shells~~~ great for showers

Thank you Adriane for sharing such a wonderful recipe!

Adriane lives in the Northeast, but from Louisiana, as a girl growing up in a Creole family with some Cajun blood~ they cooked and baked.They shared their love for food an taught her how to cook and bake.
She started selling a gourmet product called Watkins; because of my love of cooking and baking~(we have the best vanilla)
She also started their home based Business~Adrianes vintage on ebay with decorating switchplates etc..But they are back to their true love ~cooking so we'll be offering our louisiana bake goods on ebay starting in Aug.

She is a mom of 3 and home schools 2 of them. Her husband(keith Cieplinski) is her partner and helps with our business.

Oh........ Her Tea cookies are usually served at weddings by little girls who are dressed like the wedding party ;a little Maître d' . (These are Almond flavors)

Her is were you can find her:
twitter @adrianesvintage

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