Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Paper Cup Flower Pot by Kids Craft Weekly

This craft is a sample of what Kids Craft Weekly is all about. The instruction are easy and the photos are an added bonus. You probably could do this craft with just looking at the photos and not reading the instructions. Which I just love!

This is such a wonderful site and it comes from Australia. ( You really must join her site and get her newsletters. It's worth it when you have a little one at home. For more info. please look at the bottom of this article.

"Heres a great gift idea for someone special! Use a paper cup to make a flower pot for your favourite home-crafted flower. There are plenty of flower ideas in the Flowers Issue.

You will need

. a small paper cup
. card
. scissors
. glue
. paint
. split peas, lentils, dried beans or decorative rocks


1. Cut two long rectangles from card and fold each of the rectangles in four, lengthwise.

2. Stick the rectangles of card to the sides of the cup to make handles.

3. Paint and decorate your pot as you wish. Then stand your chosen flower or flowers in the middle and fill the cup with spilt peas, dried lentils, decorative rocks or anything else that is going to keep your flowers upright."


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(Wouldn't it be neat if we got a craft from her every month for our Family World Fun Followers? Well, it's just a thought)

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