Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Chocolate Mud Cake by Sarina Dickson (New Zealand)

This Recipe came all the way form New Zealand!

Here is a fabulous easy peasy mud cake that always impresses guests. It looks like a bought one, but best of all it has no eggs, which in our house always seems to be the missing ingredient whenever the children demand to bake. It’s also very easy to substitute the milk and butter for dairy free alternatives so you can be sure that most people can enjoy it.

Made in one pot my kids know this recipe off by heart!

Part One
100g butter
½ c golden syrup
½ c sugar
½ c milk
Part Two
1 ½ c flour
½ c cocoa
1t cinnamon
Part Three
½ c milk
1t vanilla
1t baking soda
Melt together part one in a pot. Mix together part two. Mix together part three. Add two and three to one. Whisk together until there are no lumps. Bake at 150C for 25 minutes.

1c icing sugar
½ c cocoa
3T butter
1t vanilla
1-2 t water
Whisk in a pot, heating gently. While the icing is still warm pour over the cold cake

Thank you Sariana for giving us such a wonderful recipe!

Sarina Dickson is a mother of 2 preschoolers and WAHM to Nudey!Rudey! modern cloth nappies. 0064 3 3770 354

Go and check out her wonderful products and her website, you won't be disappointed.

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