Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tips for flying with Baby - Toddlers

Being a world traveler has been also my greatest passion. I was really worried when I had my son, if I was going to be able to continue this passion of mine. But with some creativity and some great books out there, it didn't become a problem anymore.With my first trip to Austria, I made a larger traveling changer pad that fits all restaurant changers and the airplane changer, so that my son was germ free. It was so convent!! Also, I found out soon that I didn't have to have to bring my car seat with me. There are lots of places that you can rent a car seat. And I was fortunate to rent one in Austria. At least something less to carry around. Of course, below were the essentials I took on the plane:

· lots of diapers
· 2 pairs of extra clothing
· Traveling kid for my son (Medicine (Children’s Tylenol, Benadryl, Vapor Rub, Band Aids, Ear Drops, thermometer, etc. (see book recommendation for more info.)
· Small stroller
· Washcloth
· Food (Bottles)
· Blanket
· Pillow
· Stuffed animal
· Baby books (anything that is entertaining)
· PJ’s (yes, try to keep your routine going. Because sleep is important for you and your little one.
· And whatever else you might think your little one might need

I found that getting a seat where you have enough room was next to the wall panel. Where you didn’t have anybody in front of you was great. Because I needed to open up my diaper a lot during the flight.

Don’t hesitate to ask your flight attendants for help. I had some flights they were just wonderful to have and I was so grateful for that. Of course, that experience can be the other way around. But if you are opened to everything, it will make you have an easy traveling experience.

While taking off the run way or landing, it’s a good idea to have your little one sucking on something, drinking, eating something to relieve the presser on the ears. (At least that’s what I have heard, please ask your Doctor about this. It’s really important for your little one)

Also, reading lots of traveling books have helped me to be organized and have fun with it. Here are some recommendations of traveling info:
- Travels with Baby (The Ultimate Guide for Planning Trips with Babies, Toddlers, and Preschool-Age Children) by Shelly Rivoli
- Kid’s Travel Fun Book, Loris and Marlin Bree
- 52 Fun Things to do on The Plane by Lynn Gorden (It’s a card deck)
- And check out your local library, that was a great source.

I hope this article has helped you traveling mommy and daddy’s out there. And just have fun with it, wishing you all happy and health journeys to where you might go.

From a traveling Mommy

P.S. these are all tips and I do not take responsibility for any of these tips. If you need more ideas, just ask your child’s physician, and the airplane company that you are using, and etc.

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