Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Recycle Dolls as a Craft by Lauren Green

This is how she did it in her very own words.

"We take old dolls that the girls won't play with anymore. WE RECYCLE THEM! HOW? Get a piece of material, needle & thread and just place the material around the doll and start sewing. Take your time, you never know how it will turn out. Keep an open mind about the outcome...mother and daughter can work together to see who will be the most creative in the end. Here are a few pictures of some recycled dolls from old fabric and a little craft wire. We make all the jewelry and even add a little dog or handbag, etc. Not sure if it is what you were looking for, but we make these as gifts for under-privileged children or those who cannot afford toys. THEY LOVE IT! Here are two that we made for people as gifts. The material was actually from a scrunchie that we cut and opened up. The material was perfect. WE had enough to make a dress, a bag and a shrug jacket to match the dress. This doll was purchased by a woman in Australia as a gift! SHE LOVED IT! - her name was Josephine. The next picture was a high society doll named Sophie - she was delightful - She was purchased by a lady in Arizona. The last doll was a gift that we made for a coffee shop manager whose mom loved dolls. We made it for the manager as a gift for her Mother! - We did this for free. We love doing things like this! - We have no talent, but we just try different things and sometimes they turn out pretty good....other times they don't. But the fun that we have...is lasting and memorable.

Thank you Lauren for this wonderful craft. She owns B. Collins Confections and her products are just yummy!
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