Friday, August 7, 2009

Templeton Silver Contest Giveaway

Templeton's - "Timeless Infant Silver"

Launches Huge Contest on Friday, August 7th!

In case you haven't heard through the grapevine, Twitter or Facebook, Playtex Corporation has told them to change the name of their Heirloom Binky Bracelet since they own the trademark on the word "binky." At first this appeared to be a setback, but we turned this into a huge blessing for us and hopefully so many others.

What they need from you is a new product name and QUICK! Please visit their website and click on "Contest" under the "Blog Topics" to see all of the rules and guidelines, as well as the enormous Grand Prize Gift Basket that will be awarded to the ONE person that creates a name that we like!

Locally, you can catch them (and the basket) on Lowcountry Live tomorrow morning @10am on ABC, as well as the "Moxie" section of the Post & Courier. The basket will be on display in one of their retailers, Jackson Madeleine on King Street in downtown historic Charleston, SC, where you can also enter your new name for their paci holder/ bracelet. Along with their beautiful space, they have also donated a $100 gift certificate to be redeemed in their store! Contest ends on Monday, August 31st.

So, what exactly is in this basket, you ask? We want you to win the "basket to die for," so we contacted our PR firm for help, Baby Swags, which specializes in product placement with the Stars! She put a letter out to all of her clients asking for help by donating a product to our Grand Prize Gift Basket. We have received support locally, nationally, and yes, internationally. This Grand Prize Gift Basket is full of infant to mommy items totaling over $1500! These Mompreneurs flooded their email and their home with their support, praise and products! Templeton's is indebted to all of these women and want you to visit their websites and see these wonderful products. There are over 30 companies who are helping them with thier basket along with several who are helping by spreading the word!

Please visit thier Blog for other big news that has been happening, such as Celeb and Kids Today trade magazine Kudos!

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